Employee Leasing Services Add Welcome Relief For Disaster Recovery Contractors

If you’re a contractor and have experience working disaster recovery events, you should have your own evacuation plan when work calls.

Being prepared and ready to take advantage of an opportunity requires you to be insured correctly before the bell rings. What most contractors don’t know until it’s too late is their current workers’ compensation policy is inactive or useless if they work outside of their home state. In other words, if you want to go work in another state you’ll have to buy a policy in that state. This also means different rates and large premium deposits- if you’re able to get coverage!

Coverage is difficult to access because insurance companies don’t want short-term policies with risk involved. They’re also aware of the contracts involved and know many times wages are under reported and daily cash work is involved- which means lots of liability.

Another important fact that contractors need to know is- an employee leasing company can make life easy when the big break comes. There are unique employee leasing companies (or PEOs as they’re referred to) that specialize in the disaster recovery industry. Their workers’ compensation policies cover multiple states- so you’re ready to go. You’ll usually save between 15-40% on your workers’ compensation vs. traditional policies- and you can get started up for as little as a few hundred bucks!

They also provide payroll for your employees- delivered wherever you are! Imagine calling in payroll hours on your cell phone in 5 minutes and receiving your employees’ checks at the jobsite. Many employee leasing companies offer free direct deposit.

By combining payroll and work comp insurance services, you’ll never have audits and you’ll have done away with two headaches, all for less than you could have done on your own!

Consider employee leasing services not just for disaster recovery services but for daily business services. You’ll wish you would have done this years ago.